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Family Values and Memories

thAT Last a Lifetime!

P-6 Cattle Company was created in 1973 by Raymond and Pam Poole. It served as a working ranch with buying and selling cattle and hay production.  Bo Poole, son of Raymond and Pam, realized the need to diversify into growing other crops and vegetables. From that, the idea was planted to incorporate teaching agriculture in everyday life by means of the area’s first Corn Maze in 2011. P-6 Farmers, Bo and Carey Poole, pride themselves in providing fun and educational activities for the community by exposing “agriculture in the process” in an unparalleled and hands-on-way. P-6 Farm’s long standing goal is to provide a unique family-oriented environment!


Carey and Bo Poole operate P-6 Farms, which was started in 1973 by Bo's parents, Raymond and Pam Poole (not pictured).

From left: Maddie, Bo, Jackson, Carey and Tanner Poole.

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